Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mix and Match!

Heeeeyyy everyone! :D

Oh my Gosh, it’s very nice to greet you and post something here again! How was your weekend, guys? Is it fun? Alright, in this two following days I spent my weekend by attended some wedding parties here with my parents. Actually I didn’t know well who the braids are because they’re my parents friend’s son or daughter, but, fine, it’s not a problem, I attended their wedding ceremony and eat many tasty foods there hahahaha :D


Many people wore their pretty gown and cool outfits there and that’s what I did too. Honestly, I felt a little bored to wear my kebaya so I tried to play a mix and match game with some outfits that was hanging on my cupboard. Then eing ing eeeng, I found my mother’s big size kebaya skirt and fortunately it fit to be a dress on me. Beside that I also found my big brother’s old blazer that he has never used again. It feels amazing since I got that this outfit is not bad at all hahaha :D Hope you like it too guys!

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