Monday, May 5, 2014

The Working Lady

Hey girls, nice to greet you again here! Gee, I’m so happy because this is my first (I wish) post on this May, Yeay! :D It’s so bad that I just can update my blog once in a month, I hope I can make it more often and not to be lazy again (Gawd, I hate to say that four word) =_=”

Oh yeah, I've ever told you that I'll post my working clothes in the office and this is on of my working outfit. I loooove to wear a peplum skirt, although people say that peplum outfit will not be booming anymore in 2014 but I will still wear this kind of clothes. Why? Because peplum outfit can  cover up my big hip and that's what fashion suppose to do. 

Actually I’m officially working in Statistics Center of Indonesia now. I have to prepare myself to start my weekdays every 5 A.M. or sometimes at 4 A.M. if I need to cook my own and F’s breakfast. I’ve been noticed that Jakarta population have a high mobility. They have to work in Jakarta while their house are in another city. They also have to use public transportation include train everyday to work and I know that it must be very exhausting because of the traffic stuck everywhere. So, it also made me realize that I shouldn’t complaining anything because my life is not as complicated as others. I just need to feel grateful and say thank you to God for everything that He gave me until now.


Being a working lady feels so different from being a student in college. I must do one same thing everyday and it makes me bored. But, yeah it has just two months and I have to stay cool and make myself comfort with this new activity, so wish me luck okay :) However, I got some new experiences too here, I’ve ever joined a special work in awesome Hotel called Aston Marina Hotel. We worked all day but yeah it felt so much fun because I got an opportunity to stay the night there, ate some expensive meals, and tried their pretty empty swimming pool in the morning hahaha :D Finally, once again, I just need to say thanks to God because nothing happens with no purpose.

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