Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flower Farmer

Hello Readers!

It's almost a month since the last post about my wall-drawing. And today I still wanna show you my another wall-drawing hahaha :D Honestly, I really feel addicted and this is my last wall-drawing that I did in my room (because there isn't a wall side anymore to be drew!)

This time I drew a cherry blossom in my wall room and it was more exhausted than before. I spent almost eight hours to finished it! But it didn't matter. I really really satisfied! And from now on, I've already had my own beautiful cherry blossom in my room. Aaaaand you know, it also can be a cute private photo studio for me hahahhaaa :D

Alright, maybe you can't wait anymore about the drawing's looks like. Here we goooooo!

This photo concept is "Flower Farmer " and I really love these outfit, especially for the cow-boy hat and the straw bag. Hope you love it too, guys! :)

And here it is my picture in my tree-drawing onmy  another wall-side room.
I looks as high as the tree, huh? hahaha :D

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