Monday, September 23, 2013

Late Night Shabu-Shabu

Good evening everybody, have you sleep yet?
Tomorrow is Monday again, may be some of you can't wait until that day and it's getting hungry in the late night hahaha :D. Last week me and my F went to Kota Kasablanka Mall and we felt have fun there even just eat some meals in Carrefour. We bought some french bread, cake, takoyaki, and taiyaki. We bought and eat everything that we haven't eaten yet and we laugh all day because this dating is quite simple but soooo much fun!

Besides that, we also went to Shabu-Shabu Express to taste shabu-shabu menu there. For me, eating shabu-shabu was not my first time, but for F it was the first time and he really excited :D

Alright, may be some of you can't wait how nice it looks like hahaha :D. Here they are, and hope you enjoy guys !

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Breeze

Hi guys... Happy Sundayyyy yeaaaayyy!!!

Last night I've just planned to have some photo shoots with my F and this morning we did it! Horraaaayyy. It has been a long time since the last time I was photographed, may be around six month ago hahaha :D. Alright, the most important thing is I've just had some photos to share you today. 

I always wonder to be one of the chic vintage lady that has some walks in a park with a little flower and some plants. And today my F make it happened! We had a photo shoot in somewhere near my boarding house. There are some plants and green leafs in that location even we're in Jakarta's housing. I fell really happy today and can't wait to share it to you.
Okaaaay, here they are aaaaand check this one out ! :D

This photo shoot is my favorite one because it's really fun to have some photos in this place. What is it place like? This place is quite, fresh, and of course green. I hope I can back to this place to have some another photo shoots. :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hello Readers, in this time I just wanna share you about my essay examination wohohohoho :D
In this occasion I was examined by Mr. Prof. Dr. Abuzar Asra and Mrs. Efri Diah Utami, M, Stat and my mentor is Mr. R. Dwi Harwin Kusmaryo, S.E., M.A. I think the examination was getting nice (I don't know why). Oooh FYI, I'm studying at Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Statistik (STIS) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the one and only college that educate their students in Statistics Faculty. Do you love statistics? Hahahha :D Okay, who knows there is one of you who interested in Statistics, this college is the best choice for you.

Aaaaand here it is some pictures that was taken on that occasion.

Those are some pictures that was taken before I've started. My face looks so nervous hahaha :D

These are pictures when the essay was examined

And finally after I've been told to be pass, I felt really happy. Yeaaaayyyy hahaha :D
Thanks God :))


Actually I have some another drawing since the last time I posted it (in some minutes ago hahaha :D). This drawing's title is "Destination". This is one of my way to thank God because I've found my Adam and I think I don't want to search another man since he is being here with me. Is it romantic? Hahaha :D

Alright, another purpose to draw this picture is to whet my drawing skill and sense of color. Drawing is about sense and skill that is come from exercise. Oh yeah, in this passion I also be inspired from my boyfriend, Faris. He is one of the great mangaka in Indonesia and he is also working for his writer from USA . Next time may be I'll show you some pages of his comic that was published in USA and Indonesia. But now, I just wanna post my own drawing, hohohohoo :D

Hope you enjoy, guys! Cheers !

What are girls thinking of ?

Yeaaaayyyyy it's me agaaaiiinn hahaha :D

Okay, honestly I'm really in a good mood to post something here, so now I'll post about my second drawing ! Yeayyyyyy!!! (applause) :D
I drew it on my way to finish the final essay and you know it was totally saturated. So, to grow my mood better, I drew something about everything on my head. Being a girl is a boon, and we're born with multi-tasking ability, so we can think many things in the same time without anyone know. Hahaha

All right, I think I can't wait anymore to show you this drawing. Aaaaand Tadaaaaa hope you like it ! :D

Have Fun at Photography Studio

Hellooooooo everybody !!

Oh my God, almost one year since the last time I posted here, and now I'm coming back yeeeaaayyyyy :D hahaha
Anyway, there were sooooo many things happened along this year especially on my study, FYI I'm on the last grade on my college now and I have to finish my last essay to get Bachelor's degree this October. This October? Yes, this October. There are a lot of things that I have to do, including have a photo shoot on one of the photography studio near here for our year book picture.

Actually it was really nice, and in this photo session I was the leader of committee of my class. So, I and my friends (Riska and Meutia) served to set the location, theme, wardrobe, photo plot, and so many things about this photo session. The theme of this photo session is "Colourful Retro" and it was really cool. But I', sorry not to post many pictures here, because some pictures were not allowed to be post in social media, so here I'll post just a few picture to show you all.

On that photo shoot, I wore stripped yellow blouse, polkadot skirt, and a big ribbon on my head. My friends said that I'm just like a manga character hahaha :D
Here it is my picture, enjoy !

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