Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gorgeous Mint

Heeeyyy everyone!

Ooooww yeaaah, now I'm really really in my best mood to post something here. Alright, in some following days I thought that may be we shouldn't need any miracle to be cute or beautiful on our photos. We shouldn't need to go to the photo studio to get the great photos of us. Why? Yeah, because all we need is just a Photoshop application. Everything you want to be shining, looked beautiful, and gorgeous is going to be true with this cool application. Hahaha :D I always wonder to have some a photo shoot in fantastic place, but with this application I do not have to go to that place, I just need to take some photos here, in my house. And some stickers will make our photos fantastic too. Hahahaha :D

Okay, forget about that words, now I'll share you a mint and peach outfit. These colors are totally happening along this 2013. Maybe people haven't notice yet before that there is a lovely color between green and blue called mint and cute color between red and orange called peach. They just said that "yeah, it's green and pink". But now, these cute colors to be part of my super favorite list color beside pink and cream.

 Mint and peach color remind me about candy and cake in the Sugar Rush land. Sugar Rush is one kind of game in the Wrack it Ralph movie. Every spot in that land is a sweet things and I really love the song too. The song title is "Sugar Rush" from AKB48, on that MV they all wear a cute dress and wig. I always wonder to wear that costume too and dance a Sugar Rush song with them :D

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Bisikan" Comic Launching

Good afternoon and Merry Christmas everyone !

I'm so happy to have two days holiday on 25th and 26th December and I use these opportunity to try another new recipe like fusilli carbonara and take some photos to show you and promote my first comic. What? Yeah, comic! No, actually I'm not the comic artist, my drawing is not as good as Fujiko F Fujio (Doraemon comic artist) but I'm not bad as the story maker. This comic is inspired from my four years ago short story  that was published by magazine in my campus. Emmm... May be I've told you before that my boy friend (F) is an Indonesian comic artist and this comic is a collaboration between us. I'm sooooooo happy and satisfied along the comic process until this comic have really published! Huuraaaayyy :D

Here it is my comic looks like (drum roll) ....

 Yeah, if you want to have this great book, just find it in Gramedia book store in allover Indonesia. And I'll thanks to you more and more. Hahaha.. :D
Alright, besides comic promotion, I'll fill my promise to post one of my cute working clothes today. May be I'll post another photos next time. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Klara Beach

Hello everyone!

Hey, it almost one month! Hahahaha ... :D
Alright, actually in this three weeks I've worked all day and full time in Statistics Office of Lampung Province (Badan Pusat Statistik Provinsi Lampung). Aaaaand it means that I've got my job as statistician. Huraaaayyy!! :D
Actually I really want to post some outfits that I wear everyday in the office, but unfortunately I haven't take any picture yet (so sad). Sooo, now I'll share you some pictures that I took a few weeks ago in Klara Beach. I really happy to have a great weekend there because it was almost two years since my last trip to beach, and I really miss this moment (again). 

In this occasion, I wear a casual outfit like t-shirt, outer, skirt and a cowboy hat. Yeah, skirt and cowboy hat. Hahahaha.. I know that cowboy hat and skirt are shouldn't wore in beach. But yeeaaaah, this is me. It's enough as great reason, isn't it? Hahahaha :D

Okaaay, here they are the pictures! Here we goooo!

I love this beach because the sand is really soft and white, besides that  the sky is really blue!
So beautiful~ :))

Alright, in these photos there are me, and my forever friends! hahaha :D
They are Eka and Dede. They are my school mates since in junior high school until now, in office, and believe it or not, we live in the same housing! Hahaha :D
Moreover, Eka is my niece, my close niece, and we went to the same school since in the kindergarten until now (in the office, again). 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flower Farmer

Hello Readers!

It's almost a month since the last post about my wall-drawing. And today I still wanna show you my another wall-drawing hahaha :D Honestly, I really feel addicted and this is my last wall-drawing that I did in my room (because there isn't a wall side anymore to be drew!)

This time I drew a cherry blossom in my wall room and it was more exhausted than before. I spent almost eight hours to finished it! But it didn't matter. I really really satisfied! And from now on, I've already had my own beautiful cherry blossom in my room. Aaaaand you know, it also can be a cute private photo studio for me hahahhaaa :D

Alright, maybe you can't wait anymore about the drawing's looks like. Here we goooooo!

This photo concept is "Flower Farmer " and I really love these outfit, especially for the cow-boy hat and the straw bag. Hope you love it too, guys! :)

And here it is my picture in my tree-drawing onmy  another wall-side room.
I looks as high as the tree, huh? hahaha :D

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tree Painting in the Pink Room

Hello readers...

I'm on my holiday in Lampung (one of province in Indonesia) now. I still have three months again to enjoy my free time hahaha :D
To fill that treasure time, I did my own project and that is... painting my own room. Actually I always wonder to draw something in my room. But I don't just want to wonder and wonder, I did it and made my dream come true! I really drew something in my room and painted it by myself.

I always love tree drawing with some cute birds and that's why I drew it in my room. It took several times to finish that painting (around four hours) and it was exhausting. But after I finished it I've felt so satisfied hahahaha :D

I love this drawing and I hope I can draw another thing in another wall side hahaha :D (feel addicted)
Hope you like it too guys!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Graduation with Indonesian Kebaya

Heyyy, Dear...

October 10th 2013 was the day I graduated officially from my college and of course it was my epic day! We all wore our best clothes to be inaugurated as applied science bachelor or we called it as Sarjana Sains Terapan (S.S.T). The ceremony was sacred and full with happiness. In this time, I wanna share my photos on that moment and what kind of dress that I wore on that historic day. All right, here we goooo hahaha :D

This dress called Kebaya and it is Indonesian's national dress. Every lady who wore this kind of dress always looks beautiful and gorgeous (including me)! hahaha :D

And here they are my photos with my boarding house friends! We're very close and they're so amazing pals. I really really love them, thank you so much for Sari and Ewin who have woke up since 3.30 AM to accompany me to be makeup and gave me some advises to choose some stuffs that make me looks great on that day (kiss and hugs) :*

Monday, September 23, 2013

Late Night Shabu-Shabu

Good evening everybody, have you sleep yet?
Tomorrow is Monday again, may be some of you can't wait until that day and it's getting hungry in the late night hahaha :D. Last week me and my F went to Kota Kasablanka Mall and we felt have fun there even just eat some meals in Carrefour. We bought some french bread, cake, takoyaki, and taiyaki. We bought and eat everything that we haven't eaten yet and we laugh all day because this dating is quite simple but soooo much fun!

Besides that, we also went to Shabu-Shabu Express to taste shabu-shabu menu there. For me, eating shabu-shabu was not my first time, but for F it was the first time and he really excited :D

Alright, may be some of you can't wait how nice it looks like hahaha :D. Here they are, and hope you enjoy guys !

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Breeze

Hi guys... Happy Sundayyyy yeaaaayyy!!!

Last night I've just planned to have some photo shoots with my F and this morning we did it! Horraaaayyy. It has been a long time since the last time I was photographed, may be around six month ago hahaha :D. Alright, the most important thing is I've just had some photos to share you today. 

I always wonder to be one of the chic vintage lady that has some walks in a park with a little flower and some plants. And today my F make it happened! We had a photo shoot in somewhere near my boarding house. There are some plants and green leafs in that location even we're in Jakarta's housing. I fell really happy today and can't wait to share it to you.
Okaaaay, here they are aaaaand check this one out ! :D

This photo shoot is my favorite one because it's really fun to have some photos in this place. What is it place like? This place is quite, fresh, and of course green. I hope I can back to this place to have some another photo shoots. :D
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