Monday, October 28, 2013

Tree Painting in the Pink Room

Hello readers...

I'm on my holiday in Lampung (one of province in Indonesia) now. I still have three months again to enjoy my free time hahaha :D
To fill that treasure time, I did my own project and that is... painting my own room. Actually I always wonder to draw something in my room. But I don't just want to wonder and wonder, I did it and made my dream come true! I really drew something in my room and painted it by myself.

I always love tree drawing with some cute birds and that's why I drew it in my room. It took several times to finish that painting (around four hours) and it was exhausting. But after I finished it I've felt so satisfied hahahaha :D

I love this drawing and I hope I can draw another thing in another wall side hahaha :D (feel addicted)
Hope you like it too guys!


  1. cute rooms..

    1. thank you so much for leaving your comment here, dear <3

  2. hello, thanks a lot for your visit and follow me, I followed you already via google+
    merci :)


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