Sunday, June 24, 2012

Me = Sailor Moon

Haiiii everyonee..
Long time no see since 2 weeks ago, and now I'm back. Yeeaaaayyyy.... :D
Actually I have so many things that I have to do, they are my homework colleges (that never end) and playing band. Yeah, I was preparing my harajuku band to perform in mini bunkasai of my campus. It's really nice and I really love it. We sang  the OST of digimon, it it "Biggest dreamer". In this band, I'm the keyboardist. And I hope next time I can post our picture to show you.

In this chance i also wearing a sailormoon costume, it's little bite like cosplay. I really really happy because i can wear that costume by my self and it's a stuff of mine.About my sailormoon costume, it's a birth-day gift from my boy, Faris. He stole my uniform and made the size fit to my body. I totally exciting when I saw that costume, and promised to wear it on next bunkasai (Japan festival). When I'm wear that costume, I feel like the original sailormoon. I hope I can wear that costume again in another chance, and of course with more maximal stuff. And then, in this time I'm going to post some photos from last bunkasai. Hope you like it !

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How To Make a Dazzling Collar


It's me agaiiin.. as I promise in the last post, now I'll show you how to make a collar from the flannel fabric. And as I've told before that I was inspired by Sabila Anata's blog, and I try it at home by my self. Okay, may be you can't wait anymore to know the collar was made. Here it is the simple steps and hope you like it, girls !

Directions for amazing collar :

This is me when I wear that cute collar. You can find your own collar style too and enjoy !

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lovely Raining

Haloo everyone..

Yesterday was a nice day because raining make the weather felt breeze. I really love this, because it's very hot here, so when rain is coming it's like refill my soul. Oh, exception for flood, okay. My boarding house was have even flooded, and it was almost entry my room. I hope it will not happen anymore.

Okay, in this post, I 'm going to upload come photos. Actually it's not a freak fashion, huh. But in this photo I'm wearing a collar that I made by my self. I made it from flannel fabric, and a cute button. For the next post, I'll give you the tutorial how to make that colllar. Honestly, I was inspired by this site to make the collar. So, I try to make it by my self and make some difference for accessesories that I like.

Thank you for my housemate, Yana, for the sincere to take some photos and helped me edited it. I love youuu :*. Here it is those photos. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hiiiiiiii guys... Here I'm again.

Now, I'm going to post about clothes and some attributes that I wear. Actually I'm a kind of feminine girl, so I often wear girly stuff and clothes. In this post, I'm wearing an owl necklace, mustard blouse, vintage skirt and hand bag, ribbon, and wedges. Actually I really really love the collar of the blouse, the collar make it moooore cute than just a plain. And I think, collar make a plain blouse become special blouse to wear.

And about the skirt, it's my friend's eks-skirt, and my friend said that the skirt is her auntie's stuff. So, it can called that I wear the third hand skirt today. Haha...
Okay, but over all I really love this skirt. It can be a vintage style when I wear it, and I also can be wore as a daily clothes.

Another stuff that I often wear is the owl necklace. This stuff can be wore for many clothes, so I don't have to think to much for what accesories which I have to wear for a clothes. And the next question is, where did I buy that cute accesories? Let's visit this site, and happy shopping. 

So, here it is the photos. Hope you like it and may be it can be a meaningful recommendation for you to wearing up some clothes. Cheer!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My First Moodboard

hai everyone...  :D

Okay, nice to meet you through this blog. Actually this is my first blog that I manage, and of course there are soooo many things that i have to learn about blogging. Anyway, through this blog i'm going to post everything which I attract to something like clothes (I mean fashion, eeerrr.... little bit like that), and then my handy crafts like simple necklace, collar, and another handmade.

Oh yes, besides two things that I told before, I also really curious and crazy of art. i love colouring, drawing, and make moodboard. Ha? moodboard? Yes, moodboard. Here it is my first moodboard that I made. In this time, I'm following a moodboard contest about Dian Sastro whom attended at Cannes Film Festival with L'OREAL in Paris.

I totally desire for a loooong time to make something digital like this. Commonly I make some art with conventional way, like using paper, colouring pencil, and another stationery. but nooow, I can do this through Adobe Photo Shop. Yeeeeeaaaayyyy... :D

And definitely I can't do this without someone else's help. Soo, thank you very very much for my boy, Faris, to help me do this moodboard. Hope you enjoy!
aaaahhh, one thing left, this is the information about the competition. so, if you attract to join it too, just create. Hope you like it.

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