Saturday, June 2, 2012

My First Moodboard

hai everyone...  :D

Okay, nice to meet you through this blog. Actually this is my first blog that I manage, and of course there are soooo many things that i have to learn about blogging. Anyway, through this blog i'm going to post everything which I attract to something like clothes (I mean fashion, eeerrr.... little bit like that), and then my handy crafts like simple necklace, collar, and another handmade.

Oh yes, besides two things that I told before, I also really curious and crazy of art. i love colouring, drawing, and make moodboard. Ha? moodboard? Yes, moodboard. Here it is my first moodboard that I made. In this time, I'm following a moodboard contest about Dian Sastro whom attended at Cannes Film Festival with L'OREAL in Paris.

I totally desire for a loooong time to make something digital like this. Commonly I make some art with conventional way, like using paper, colouring pencil, and another stationery. but nooow, I can do this through Adobe Photo Shop. Yeeeeeaaaayyyy... :D

And definitely I can't do this without someone else's help. Soo, thank you very very much for my boy, Faris, to help me do this moodboard. Hope you enjoy!
aaaahhh, one thing left, this is the information about the competition. so, if you attract to join it too, just create. Hope you like it.

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  1. Like this :)

    Oia, nun jangan lupa...


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