Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hiiiiiiii guys... Here I'm again.

Now, I'm going to post about clothes and some attributes that I wear. Actually I'm a kind of feminine girl, so I often wear girly stuff and clothes. In this post, I'm wearing an owl necklace, mustard blouse, vintage skirt and hand bag, ribbon, and wedges. Actually I really really love the collar of the blouse, the collar make it moooore cute than just a plain. And I think, collar make a plain blouse become special blouse to wear.

And about the skirt, it's my friend's eks-skirt, and my friend said that the skirt is her auntie's stuff. So, it can called that I wear the third hand skirt today. Haha...
Okay, but over all I really love this skirt. It can be a vintage style when I wear it, and I also can be wore as a daily clothes.

Another stuff that I often wear is the owl necklace. This stuff can be wore for many clothes, so I don't have to think to much for what accesories which I have to wear for a clothes. And the next question is, where did I buy that cute accesories? Let's visit this site, and happy shopping. 

So, here it is the photos. Hope you like it and may be it can be a meaningful recommendation for you to wearing up some clothes. Cheer!

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