Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bookie-Book Lady

Allohaaaa guys!

Oh my God, it was two weeks since my last post. Actually I’ve targeted to post something here once a week, but unfortunately last week I had so many things to do, including Winda’s (my best friend) birthday event. I’m so happy that she have had her announcement lovely job after her birthday event a few days ago and I always hope all the best for her :)). Anyway, last month my friends and I sent our ontology book to the publisher, so please pray for us, wish us luck okay! About what kind of book which I read, I prefer read an ontology book than series novel in my free time because honestly I’m just a kind of person that easy to get bored on long long series novel. Meanwhile, on ontology book, I can feel a different mood and soul in every different title.

A few days ago my brother found his childhood comic in his book shelf and I was surprised that it was a Wolverine translated-comic. I’ve ever seen this kind of book before on secondhand book market in Jakarta and its price is quite expensive because of its antiquity! Hahaha :D Its drawing reminds me about retro style fashion and make me feel like an 80’s lady since I’ve started to read it. Anyway, in this post I’m wearing my mother’s blouse (again!) and did a bun updo with a flower crown on it. I always wonder how to make a perfect doughnut bun updo and this video teach me as well. Hope you like it, guys! :D

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tribal Space

Greeting everyone! In the last 2013 tribal got the top rank of the most wanted pattern in the world, including in Indonesia. And Indonesian pattern  like tenun ikat, batik, tapis, songket, etc lover increase unpredictedly. This pattern is not only being used for wedding party or traditional event, but also for daily outfit. Teenagers proud to wear this pattern too. If we look this phenomena from culture and economy corner globally, I think it is an amazing of upgrade quality indication. First, from the culture aspect, by rising counts of teenagers and people who wear and interest to this pattern, their nationalism may developed. Second, from the economy corner, the rising demand of consumers may cause a better progress of small industries that produce this traditional pattern .

As the consumer, I feel thanks to the fashion designer who dedicated to create this kind of trend. You are all awesome :D Actually, this consideration always dance in my mind and I just can't stand my self to make it quite hahaha.. Anyway, maybe this space background is not match at all with the tribal pattern, but I just simply love it :D

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get Stylish with Father's Blouse

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Yeay, actually now I’ve got my highest passion in creative digital editing, something like scrap-booking, but digitally. Firstly I've been inspired by Sabila Anata's postings and also Diela Maharanie, they are really creative and totally awesome. Second, maybe I’ve told you before that my camera has a limited quality and honestly it’s just a handphone camera. I was wondering to have some nice pictures even I didn’t buy any DSLR camera and stay at my home. So, since my two last posts, I’ve tried to make my dreams come true (hahaha.. sorry for the excessive :D) and now I’m felling addicted to do it more and more. It is so fun! Yes, absolutely fun! Hahahha.. :D (laughing loud)

Okay, in this post I’m wearing my Father’s traditional blouse. What? Yes, my father’s. This stuff was bought while he was young and now it fit to me. I really really love this blouse because the Batik pattern is something like Indonesian tenun ikat, but I don’t know why, it was bought from Solo, Middle Java. Beside that I’m also wearing my peplum skirt that was ordered to my family’s trusted tailor. I loooove this skirt because its length is suit in me. And ooh, super sorry for the same shoes for some following postings too. It’s because I forgot to bring my another shoes from Jakarta to Lampung, maybe next time I’ll wear something new (I wish.. :D).

Friday, January 3, 2014

Vintage Again in 2014

Helloo guys!

Welcome to 2014, and Welcome to my first post in this Horse year, yeaaaayy! Alright, when I was 8th until 15th years old, time seems flow slowly and I just thought that I'll never get older next year. But it's different since I got my 17th age about four years ago, it felt so fast and I only think about how to be forever young hahahha :D However, mature is a must, although I feel forever young, but I always try to think maturely. I shouldn't think about advantage for myself only, but about what I have done for others. In this 2014 I also wanna be a useful, warm, wise person, look everything from some other different perspective, and know how to behave and decide something better. Amin. :D

Anyway, in last 2013, vintage fashion is totally booming and I think in this 2014 it still gonna be a classical ways that will never die. Like in this post, I'm wearing a pastel color again in a vintage way, oooh.. the skirt (I love the skirt) is my mom's too. But maybe there are some flashy and new fantastic color that will appear soon. Hahaha :D I believe that fashion world will more attractive today and it seems sooooo fun! Wow, I can't wait! :D

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