Thursday, April 3, 2014

Late Anniversary Post

Welcome, April !

Hey girls, what’s your day? Hope it’ll be fun and easy :D
Alright, actually on last March 28th, I am officially be 22nd years old lady, and it means that I must be ready to reach all my dreams—start from my childhood dreams until now. It’s just my opinion, but I always talk to myself and remind my mind  that there will not be tomorrow. I have to run faster to grab all of my targets, so wish me luck, okay. March 28th also be the 3th anniversary of me and my F’s relationship. We were very very happy and decided to have a little walked on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Oh yes, it’s so childish, and you thought that TMII is not interesting enough to be visited. But hey, TMII has so many nice spots to take some photos, they're beautiful and fun, and TMII is so Indonesia! I mean, this place is just like Indonesia’s miniature.

We tried a sky lift to see Indonesia’s miniature panorama, bought some unique necklaces and bracelets, walked to Chinese temple, Bird park, Art and cactus museum, and Indonesians Children castle. We absolutely enjoyed that date and arrange a plan to visit some places that we couldn’t see before on TMII. Oh, one thing that I have to say here, I looooooove Indonesia! Hahaha :D

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