Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eagle Award "Indonesia Tangguh"

It's me agaaaiiin..

Ehem, honestly, I'm in a good mood to post something in my blog, because may be a few days later I'll have no sense to write anything here. So, better for me to write everthing here NOW. hihi

Okay, yesterday I and my classmates (Eja, Riska, Icha, Yossi, Riri, Yusa, and Gusna) are invited to attend the great television program called Eagle Award. This program is one of the cool documentary film award in Indonesia. My friend, Yusa (a guy with the grey blezer), is one of the big ten contestant there, so he invited us to come on that great event.

Here it is our picture there.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Conqueror Drawing

Good nite, guys..

It almost octomber 21 here and I still don't need to sleep (yeah, I feel don't need to sleep). Okay, now I'd like to post my drawing. This drawing is made along my holiday with a little bored. Sometimes I feel my self something like a meat that is lying on the floor when I not doing anything.. :D

So, here it is the picture.

I drew it by crayon and This picture's title is "Conqueror". My friends say that this picture is little beat ambigous (ehem). But, I deny that statement. It is an art, so everything that I make here is beautiful with meaningful characteristic. Next time I'll upload my another drawing.

Hope you like it,

See you on my next post
Caaaawwwww !

Bunny Girl in Wonderland

hi everyone....

It has already 4 months since the last time i wrote my own blog. I'm sorry for not to update it. Actually so many events that i came along this 4 months. One of them is 54th Dies Natalis in my campus. It's like birthday event that's hold annually in my campus. In this great event, there was a cool drama named "Ajiez in the Wonderland". This drama is little beat like Alice in The Wonderland story with so much cool improvisation. I also be one of the actresses that was play on that drama. Can you guess what character I was played? :D

Of course I'm not the Alice one. But, I became the rabbit. Ya ! That cute rabbit in fashion that I love so much. My friends chose me as the rabbit because they think i have a "chibi voice". But unfortunately, at that time i had an influenza. And my voice can't as cute as they wish. (I'm so sorry).

But, anyway, in this time I'm going to upload about what I wore on that great event. Hope you like it, dear.
Keep love me, okay ?
hihihi..  :D
Muach !

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