Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bunny Girl in Wonderland

hi everyone....

It has already 4 months since the last time i wrote my own blog. I'm sorry for not to update it. Actually so many events that i came along this 4 months. One of them is 54th Dies Natalis in my campus. It's like birthday event that's hold annually in my campus. In this great event, there was a cool drama named "Ajiez in the Wonderland". This drama is little beat like Alice in The Wonderland story with so much cool improvisation. I also be one of the actresses that was play on that drama. Can you guess what character I was played? :D

Of course I'm not the Alice one. But, I became the rabbit. Ya ! That cute rabbit in fashion that I love so much. My friends chose me as the rabbit because they think i have a "chibi voice". But unfortunately, at that time i had an influenza. And my voice can't as cute as they wish. (I'm so sorry).

But, anyway, in this time I'm going to upload about what I wore on that great event. Hope you like it, dear.
Keep love me, okay ?
hihihi..  :D
Muach !

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