Saturday, October 20, 2012

Conqueror Drawing

Good nite, guys..

It almost octomber 21 here and I still don't need to sleep (yeah, I feel don't need to sleep). Okay, now I'd like to post my drawing. This drawing is made along my holiday with a little bored. Sometimes I feel my self something like a meat that is lying on the floor when I not doing anything.. :D

So, here it is the picture.

I drew it by crayon and This picture's title is "Conqueror". My friends say that this picture is little beat ambigous (ehem). But, I deny that statement. It is an art, so everything that I make here is beautiful with meaningful characteristic. Next time I'll upload my another drawing.

Hope you like it,

See you on my next post
Caaaawwwww !

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