Monday, October 28, 2013

Tree Painting in the Pink Room

Hello readers...

I'm on my holiday in Lampung (one of province in Indonesia) now. I still have three months again to enjoy my free time hahaha :D
To fill that treasure time, I did my own project and that is... painting my own room. Actually I always wonder to draw something in my room. But I don't just want to wonder and wonder, I did it and made my dream come true! I really drew something in my room and painted it by myself.

I always love tree drawing with some cute birds and that's why I drew it in my room. It took several times to finish that painting (around four hours) and it was exhausting. But after I finished it I've felt so satisfied hahahaha :D

I love this drawing and I hope I can draw another thing in another wall side hahaha :D (feel addicted)
Hope you like it too guys!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Graduation with Indonesian Kebaya

Heyyy, Dear...

October 10th 2013 was the day I graduated officially from my college and of course it was my epic day! We all wore our best clothes to be inaugurated as applied science bachelor or we called it as Sarjana Sains Terapan (S.S.T). The ceremony was sacred and full with happiness. In this time, I wanna share my photos on that moment and what kind of dress that I wore on that historic day. All right, here we goooo hahaha :D

This dress called Kebaya and it is Indonesian's national dress. Every lady who wore this kind of dress always looks beautiful and gorgeous (including me)! hahaha :D

And here they are my photos with my boarding house friends! We're very close and they're so amazing pals. I really really love them, thank you so much for Sari and Ewin who have woke up since 3.30 AM to accompany me to be makeup and gave me some advises to choose some stuffs that make me looks great on that day (kiss and hugs) :*

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