Saturday, September 21, 2013

Have Fun at Photography Studio

Hellooooooo everybody !!

Oh my God, almost one year since the last time I posted here, and now I'm coming back yeeeaaayyyyy :D hahaha
Anyway, there were sooooo many things happened along this year especially on my study, FYI I'm on the last grade on my college now and I have to finish my last essay to get Bachelor's degree this October. This October? Yes, this October. There are a lot of things that I have to do, including have a photo shoot on one of the photography studio near here for our year book picture.

Actually it was really nice, and in this photo session I was the leader of committee of my class. So, I and my friends (Riska and Meutia) served to set the location, theme, wardrobe, photo plot, and so many things about this photo session. The theme of this photo session is "Colourful Retro" and it was really cool. But I', sorry not to post many pictures here, because some pictures were not allowed to be post in social media, so here I'll post just a few picture to show you all.

On that photo shoot, I wore stripped yellow blouse, polkadot skirt, and a big ribbon on my head. My friends said that I'm just like a manga character hahaha :D
Here it is my picture, enjoy !

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