Saturday, September 21, 2013


Actually I have some another drawing since the last time I posted it (in some minutes ago hahaha :D). This drawing's title is "Destination". This is one of my way to thank God because I've found my Adam and I think I don't want to search another man since he is being here with me. Is it romantic? Hahaha :D

Alright, another purpose to draw this picture is to whet my drawing skill and sense of color. Drawing is about sense and skill that is come from exercise. Oh yeah, in this passion I also be inspired from my boyfriend, Faris. He is one of the great mangaka in Indonesia and he is also working for his writer from USA . Next time may be I'll show you some pages of his comic that was published in USA and Indonesia. But now, I just wanna post my own drawing, hohohohoo :D

Hope you enjoy, guys! Cheers !

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