Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gorgeous Mint

Heeeyyy everyone!

Ooooww yeaaah, now I'm really really in my best mood to post something here. Alright, in some following days I thought that may be we shouldn't need any miracle to be cute or beautiful on our photos. We shouldn't need to go to the photo studio to get the great photos of us. Why? Yeah, because all we need is just a Photoshop application. Everything you want to be shining, looked beautiful, and gorgeous is going to be true with this cool application. Hahaha :D I always wonder to have some a photo shoot in fantastic place, but with this application I do not have to go to that place, I just need to take some photos here, in my house. And some stickers will make our photos fantastic too. Hahahaha :D

Okay, forget about that words, now I'll share you a mint and peach outfit. These colors are totally happening along this 2013. Maybe people haven't notice yet before that there is a lovely color between green and blue called mint and cute color between red and orange called peach. They just said that "yeah, it's green and pink". But now, these cute colors to be part of my super favorite list color beside pink and cream.

 Mint and peach color remind me about candy and cake in the Sugar Rush land. Sugar Rush is one kind of game in the Wrack it Ralph movie. Every spot in that land is a sweet things and I really love the song too. The song title is "Sugar Rush" from AKB48, on that MV they all wear a cute dress and wig. I always wonder to wear that costume too and dance a Sugar Rush song with them :D


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    1. Thanks for your comment here, bro!

      Eh ada orang Indonesia komen
      Bang, bantuin follow dong bang, klik icon yang "join this site"-nya.. :D

  2. Bagus bgt Pic'nya,,,,, Salamm Kenal sist,,, :)

  3. Those pict are so eye catching, good job :)
    i've followed you, feel free to follow me back hihi


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