Monday, December 23, 2013

Klara Beach

Hello everyone!

Hey, it almost one month! Hahahaha ... :D
Alright, actually in this three weeks I've worked all day and full time in Statistics Office of Lampung Province (Badan Pusat Statistik Provinsi Lampung). Aaaaand it means that I've got my job as statistician. Huraaaayyy!! :D
Actually I really want to post some outfits that I wear everyday in the office, but unfortunately I haven't take any picture yet (so sad). Sooo, now I'll share you some pictures that I took a few weeks ago in Klara Beach. I really happy to have a great weekend there because it was almost two years since my last trip to beach, and I really miss this moment (again). 

In this occasion, I wear a casual outfit like t-shirt, outer, skirt and a cowboy hat. Yeah, skirt and cowboy hat. Hahahaha.. I know that cowboy hat and skirt are shouldn't wore in beach. But yeeaaaah, this is me. It's enough as great reason, isn't it? Hahahaha :D

Okaaay, here they are the pictures! Here we goooo!

I love this beach because the sand is really soft and white, besides that  the sky is really blue!
So beautiful~ :))

Alright, in these photos there are me, and my forever friends! hahaha :D
They are Eka and Dede. They are my school mates since in junior high school until now, in office, and believe it or not, we live in the same housing! Hahaha :D
Moreover, Eka is my niece, my close niece, and we went to the same school since in the kindergarten until now (in the office, again). 

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